Trish Hansen

Strategist and systems designer

Trish Hansen is the Founding Principal of Urban Mind Studio.

As a strategist, systems designer and regenerative practitioner in the fields of health, wellbeing, arts and culture, Trish works to enrich the creative and cultural life of people, places, neighbourhoods and cities.

As a natural collaborator and complex systems thinker, Trish has provoked, pioneered and managed social enterprises, projects, programs and quests in the tertiary adult and paediatric health, urban, arts and cultural sectors.

Currently the Chair of Brink Productions, a Good Design Australia Ambassador, Fellow of the Centre for Conscious Design, Board Director of the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival, and Chief Executive Officer of Kindred Australia, as well as serving on other committees.

Urban Mind Studio acknowledges the crucial role of the arts and cultural sector as a leading contributor in creating a regenerative future that sustains everyone everywhere and the planet.

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