Grace Leo

Paediatric Registrar

Grace Leo is an Academic Fellow at Westmead Children’s Hospital. She combines a love for medicine and education with her skills in design and communication.

Grace has been part of the Don’t Forget The Bubbles team since 2016 and has contributed to social media, conference organising and the monthly bubble wrap.

She sits on the RACP Curriculum Advisory Group. She is a former member of the SMACC conference team and was previously involved in the production of the inaugural Australian Medical Student Journal as Internal Director and Senior Associate Editor.

The pinnacle of her research career involved swallowing lego and searching through poo. Grace has a personal blog that she updates sometimes at www.adventurousgrace.com.

She also draws sketchnotes with Charlotte Durand at www.doodlemedicine.com.

You can find Grace on twitter at @gracie_leo.

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